The first Mobile Emotional Intelligence Test was born after many years of research and a doctoral thesis. This tool offers an immediate report of your EI skills, which are essential for professional development and employees engagement.


Emotional Intelligence Assessment

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Get certified with The MEIT Method, the first paperless methodology to evaluate your clients’ Emotional Intelligence. Get your certification online or in face-to-face sessions, be our partner and sell our tools with 5% to 50% sale margins.


“Out-of-control emotions can make smart people stupid”Daniel Goleman


The first Emotional Competence Game for kids.

Emocionatest is the result of several years of hard work from Jaume I University and Emotional Apps. We are proud to share it with the rest of the world. This interactive mobile application designed for children between 4 and 12 years is a novel application that exercises and evaluates the emotional competence of children through different levels with a progressive development: from the recognition of facial expressions to the understanding of emotional reactions based on the beliefs or desires of a character. The app was intended, initially, for children with different difficulties in developing their emotional competence (ASD).

Therefore, each level of the game is based on the achievement of a series of objectives related to emotional competence and adapted for children with ASD. However, preliminary data have been obtained so that EmocionaTest is an equally important tool for both children with the typical development of emotional competence as well as those with any type of disorder.

The main advantage of this exciting videogame is that they allow children to play with different emotions both at home and at school, as well as wherever they carry a mobile device.


“But feelings can’t be ignored, no matter how unjust or ungrateful they seem”Anne Frank


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    We enhance emotional competences to maximize the welfare and performance among employees, offering assessment and training programs aimed to evaluate and improve the execution of their tasks. Our team has extensive experience applying counselling programs to organizations around the world and we also have a research advisory board and consulting in H.R.

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    Emotional Apps has a strong research component. Co-founders and some interim consultants are PhD in Psychology, Computer Science. We are constantly collaborating with different universities and research centres around the world. It allows us to apply recent developments in those fields and implement research projects combining technology with psychology.

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    Since Emotional Apps is closely related to technology, we have an experienced and specialized team in Web and Mobile development also in Video Games. Thus, we have participated in projects designing UX, creating characters, developing front-ends, implementing back-ends and so on.

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    In Emotional Apps, we are excited to learn new abilities and techniques day by day. We also attend some workshops and conferences, follow us, it is always interesting to know other perspectives and experiences!


We are not just developers
We are
who develop Apps

Emotional apps is an enterprise based on research projects, it means that all the methodologies and knowledge are based on science. Additionally, we have a PhD. team specialized in developing apps related to emotions assessment.
Our applications development processes are already published or submitted to research journals.

The main objective of Emotional Apps is to transform the existing scientific knowledge into applications by providing solutions for our customers. Nothing is more powerful than science but science has no meaning if we can not transfer it to society.





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